Back to the office -solution


When a crisis is showing signs of subsiding, it’s critical to keep the employees up to date. People have many questions like when we can go back to the office, how it can be done safely, can I continue working from home and how Covid-19 exposures will be handled.

How to ensure employees’ return to the office safely and effectively, without having to spend hours answering questions and figuring things out?

Effective communication and reports improve knowledge, help management, and make it safe and productive to return to the office. With us, you can make the transition as easy and painless as possible. Our Back to the Office -solution with Microsoft Teams provides a single user interface. Information is shared and gathered directly using Teams application.

The employees can:

  • Find all the essential information in one place
  • Book office space to avoid overcrowding
  • Fill in information about health and feelings
  • Fill in travel plans and get information about possible quarantines
  • Communicate with the response team e.g. express concerns
  • Report anomalies and concerns quickly and easily
  • Get information about hygiene and maintenance in the workplace

The executive and the response teams can:​

  • Interact with employees
  • Present info to the organization easily
  • Collect information from employees effectively
  • Send alerts
  • Manage data like travel practises
  • View interactive reports to improve knowledge management for safe and productive work

Sulava arms your organization with best practices and tools for managers and team leaders, best practices for both remote and onsite workers and other solutions tailored to your needs.

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Internal crisis communication

If internal communication is not working properly, crisis can increase uncertainty, insecurity and loneliness.

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