Adoption & Change Management


We know that change does not happen automatically OR overnight – it must be led and managed to succeed.

When Microsoft Office 365 and especially Microsoft Teams are brought into your organization it is an excellent opportunity to rethink the way you work. New tools open paths to introduce new, better and more productive practices and to create a “best in class” employee experience.

Our uniquely tailored change management and adoption methodologies have helped large organizations worldwide to transform their employees to become more productive and efficient. Work routines are smoother which allows them to focus on the essentials in their work, things that really matter.

Drive the change

People learn how to benefit from new capabilities in their own way. That’s why it is important to talk about coaching as well as training if you want the new working habits to stick. We can help you show how to best connect benefits and value to personal and organizational goals.

Our change & adoption program is focused on helping you to drive change in your organization and on coaching people to understand the right use of technology that suits them best. Your staff will get everything out of the tools in terms of facilitating their work.

Areas essential for successful change

Our experts can coach your organization to a successful change. These areas are recognized to be essential:

  1. Setting the goals of the project, determining the success criteria and tracking them.
  2. Engagement and support of business areas and management. Construction of a Champions Network.
  3. Communication which clearly conveys the benefits the change will bring, and how the change is progressing.
  4. Training to provide assurance to staff on the use of the new tools.

A colleague’s support will root the change

Forming a strong community of Champions within the organization is a great investment in the right kind of people as they help drive the digital culture inside the organization. The champions make sure that the investment in new tools carries beyond project scope and is built into your organization’s working practices and processes.

How we can help you

We help your organization to benefit from the modern platform by ensuring a secure rollout and getting maximum users onboard. Building and coaching the champions network is at the core of our change & adoption program.

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