SULAVA – Born in the cloud

Sulava is a pioneer in the Microsoft cloud revolution. We are smooth (Sulava in Finnish) at heart: top competence is born out of passion and continuous renewal.  

Sulava offers consulting and training services for modern work, business productivity, cloud infrastructure and security.  

Technology is an enabler in a people-centric business. We support the revolution of working life. In its core, you’ll find the efficient utilization of Microsoft cloud technologies and your employees. By taking the full advantage of your cloud environment, you can get the maximum boost to achieve your business goals.  

Sulava in a nutshell 

  • Scandinavian power house: HQ in Helsinki, Finland  
  • Born in the cloud, founded 2010  
  • Employees 120+  
  • Turnover 13+ M€ (2019)  (16+ M USD)
  • 700 000+ seats moved to Microsoft cloud  
  • #1 Microsoft Partner in Finland, winner of tens of international awards  
  • 500+ leading customers who operate in more than 100 countries. 

Top of the world in the Microsoft ecosystem

We have been a managed Microsoft partner since the day Sulava was founded 2010.  Partnership is exhibited by, for example, the competencies Sulava has gained, recognitions our specialists have received, several international awards from Microsoft and membership in numerous exclusive Redmond special and elite programs.

Our Promise 

Sulava is at the forefront of digital service business. Already back in 2010 we knew that the cloud would change work completely. We wanted to be at the forefront and help companies start using the new possibilities offered by cloud services. We selected Microsoft as our partner. Today the possibilities that the cloud offers are almost limitless and new possibilities rise daily. Our promise to you is:  

  • You get superior cloud expertise at Sulava, our experts are always at the head of their game – and even beyond.  
  • We eat our own dog food. We are an example for our customers how to work and do business in the digital age.  
  • We help your business with high-end cloud services, but we realize that the cloud is not the solution to all problems.   
  • We build an entity for you that best serves your business.  
  • The solution for you is designed and built right at once.  
  • We make sure that your company gets the full benefits of the investment you make in both the cloud and the local environment.  
  • Together, we create a new kind of working culture where both the knowledge workers and the field employees work together and enjoy the benefits of digitalization and meaningful work. 

Our Values

  • Aim to be the best  
  • Share your knowledge  
  • Take care  
  • Together we thrive  
  • You have the power 
Sulava management team

Hannu Järvikallio

CFO & COO, Co-Founder
+358 50 435 1722

Harri Tervo

Chief Sales Officer, Co-Founder
+358 50 595 6596

Juha Heikkonen

HR & HRD Director and Partner
+358 50 554 1641

Laura Anttolainen

Director, Technology Services
+358 50 554 1633

Tomi Niemelä

Director, Training services
+358 400 556 854

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