Crisis communication using Microsoft Teams


In the midst of the crisis, employees need for information is at its highest. If internal communication is not working properly, crisis can increase uncertainty, insecurity and loneliness. Right now, only effective communication reaches those who normally talk to acquaintances at workplace, cafes, or hobbies.​

Internal crisis communication has many functions such as:

  • to create an overall picture of the situation​
  • to provide adequate information​
  • to ensure the community’s operational and business continuity​
  • to maintain the relationship of trust between the management and employees​
  • to interact with management and employees on an ongoing basis

Why Microsoft Teams?​

  • Teams is the hub of work​
  • Engage people where they are​
  • Enables people to access the latest information right away​
  • Two-way communication​
  • Includes tools to keep your employees up to date​
  • Alerts can be directed to Teams, emails, push notifications or even SMS
  • Teams solutions are quick to deploy!

Microsoft Teams provides employees a single portal, where to find recommendations from global health authorities, topical news and the latest information from government officials and experts.

Smooth Communication with Teams​

Teams application

Bring the latest updates to users in Teams. Configured to appear to all users in their Teams​

Company Communi-cator

Managed tool for mass communication

Crisis Communi-cation App

Keep track of employees and their work status during emergencies

Crisis Communication using Microsoft Teams. Watch the video!

Communicate better, faster, smarter — even in a crisis

Communicate faster, better, smarter with Crisis Communication on Microsoft Teams. Use the hub for teamwork to quickly send updates across all Teams channels. Discover the impact our mass communication solution is having on organizations.

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