Intranets & Extranets


Whether you have a need for internal or external communication solutions, we can help you to create content hubs that will efficiently serve your employees and your clients.

With a combination of modern tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint you will build an efficient ecosystem for teamwork and communications.

Modern intranet

In today’s rapidly changing, agile and open work environment it’s more and more important to be able to find the information easily.

Modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams offer a flexible way to adjust the information architecture to best suit working together at a team level and across the teams, while a modern intranet is an essential tool in organization-wide communication and for the structured, published information (produced in teams).

Modern SharePoint is beautiful, intelligent, mobile-friendly and fun to use. Moreover, it’s an increasingly effective platform to tell your story, digitalize business processes and help employees to share and find information.

Easy to build, hub to your content

The intranet is not an island anymore – it’s a content hub collecting information across the solutions (like videos from Stream or conversations from Yammer) and offering that information seamlessly in the context of the work, for example in Teams.

Technically, setting up a modern intranet site has never been this easy. But there’s still one critical aspect which can’t be copy-pasted or implemented as is. To build a great intranet, we really need to plan and implement a proper intranet information architecture that is unique to your organization.

How we can help you

Sulava is a leading partner in modern intranet implementations. Our solutions range from a compact ready-to-use intranet solution (Fast intranet) to solving complex information-sharing challenges with Microsoft’s bleeding edge AI solutions like Project Cortex.

Modern extranet solutions

Collaboration with externals – customers and suppliers, stakeholders, external colleagues – happens seamlessly on Microsoft Teams. With Teams security and classification features, we can make sure that internal content stays inside the organization while enabling efficient and secure collaboration.

When there’s a need to share information (guidelines, policies, news and announcements) securely, modern SharePoint communication sites enable us to share content with external user authentication and limit permissions based on the business requirements.

Modern extranet sites can also offer functionality for externals to for example fill out forms, start workflows, upload content, book an appointment or interact with your business.

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