Microsoft VPN Rapid Deployment

Cloud technologies enable working from anywhere, but if organization has legacy apps that cannot be moved to the cloud, or securely published to the Internet to allow their usage from anywhere, there is a need still to securely connect to those applications inside corporate network.

There are several different ways to provide a secure access to those applications. One of them is VPN, that can be set up, securely and in an inexpensive manner, using pure Microsoft technologies and making use of existing hardware and licenses.

VPN Overview and Setup – watch our video!

Our offer

The goal is to set up a Microsoft VPN environment for a customer who does not have any VPN available


  • VPN remote connectivity to OnPrem services and applications set up rapidly ​
  • Security set up for remote connectivity and configured correctly from the beginning ​
  • Training for administrators to manage and maintain the VPN environment​
  • Documentation for end users


  • Active Directory Environment ​
  • Windows 10 workstations​
  • Windows Server for VPN service


  • Install Windows Server to act as the VPN server ​
  • Configure public DNS name, obtain and configure certificate for the VPN server​
  • Configure VPN Server​
  • Configure hardening for VPN Server​
  • Configure VPN Client settings ​
  • Provide administrator training
  • Finalize user documentation

Price: € 3 900

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