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We help you and your organization to revolutionize collaboration, focus on the essential, change the working culture and the ways of working.

The modern working life is about revolutionizing collaboration and integrating work and personal life through the usage of proven secure tools and practices. Modern tools and practices help employees work efficiently and focus on the essential, with ease.

To take advantage of new technologies, we need more than technical implementations of the new apps and services. Changes in the working culture and in the ways of working together are mandatory.

Sulava is a recognized expert on the digital transformation journey. We offer first-class know-how and modern solutions for strategic planning, implementation, change and adoption management.

With Sulava you will revolutionize your company’s working environment and get your employees on board throughout the organization from the office and into the field.

Key benefits: 

  • Flow 
  • Employee experience 
  • Effective knowledge utilization 
Our offer

Change & adoption management

We know that change does not happen automatically OR overnight – it must be led and managed to succeed.

Thanks to our uniquely tailored change management and adoption methodologies you can transform your employees to become more productive and efficient. Work routines are smoother which allows them to focus on the essentials in their work.

Collaboration revolutionized

Collaboration is at the core of the modern workplace. The best ideas are invented and refined as a result of the knowledge coming from different units.

How to make your teamwork better and more productive?

Intranets & Extranets

Whether you have a need for internal or external communication solutions, we can help you to create content hubs that will efficiently serve your employees and your clients.


What are the roles of communication and collaboration tools? What are the new unique ways of working for your organization? How are employees expected to change their practices?

Creating a modern work playbook for your organization is an essential part of the change.

The benefits of digital transformation

Digital transformation is on every board agenda today

While many have embarked on this journey there is still much to discover and even more to transform both inside and outside of the organization.