Microsoft security services in cloud include the best-of-breed features to secure both on-premises and online environments. The services tackle modern threats such as shadow IT, malicious insiders, zero-day vulnerabilities, phishing and spoofing.

The core service behind Microsoft 365 platform is Azure AD. To add to the user and access management for M365 itself, Azure AD has become a hub for securing line-of-business applications and devices. The most common threat to cloud use – identity-related attacks – are effectively blocked by using Azure AD to implement a good zero-trust access control model with multi-factor authentication requirement.

How we can help you

Sulava offers e.g. Azure Sentinel Deployment to ensure environment security in a cloud scale. For customers wanting to know more about Cloud App Security, Office365 ATP and Azure AD Identity Protection Sulava has a Security Workshop with the outcome of recommendation to enhance the environment security.

Security training for users​

Get to know our 1-hour training for end-users on how to work remotely and securely. Agenda can be customized based on your requirements.

Microsoft 365 Security Review​

We perform a security review on your Microsoft 365 tenant and based on our findings, produce a set of recommendations for security improvements.

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