Sulava Advisor Services


With the help of Sulava you will make sure that your Microsoft environment boosts your business goals and that the challenges you face are solved quickly and reliably. You can choose our proactive and reactive services based on your needs.

With us as a companion, you can predict your expenses and get the full advantage out of the investments.

Our offer

Proactive services – drive and steer your business

When you want to make sure that your business goals get the maximum boost from your Microsoft environment, your devoted Sulava Trusted Advisors work side by side with your IT professionals.

Your named Trusted Advisor:

  • Has a common understanding about your current environment, challenges, initiatives, timelines and ideas.
  • Has regular meetings with you to update the roadmap and keep you updated on the newest features.
  • Ensures that your environment is fully utilized
  • Helps you to steer your environment for the best benefit in your business
  • Will drive the development of your environment and ways of working according to the roadmap.

Evergreen meetings and development to ensure your Microsoft environment is up to date at all times and new services are implemented on your environment.

Reactive services – when incident happens

When you need to solve your unexpected error situations quickly and reliably our network of on-duty advisors are always ready for you. We provide T3 support with Microsoft Cloud focus and escalation to Microsoft Premier.

You choose the number of tickets to be solved monthly, the response level and support hours you need. You will also receive monthly reports about the tickets.

Knowledge sharing

Exchange experiences with other leading-edge ICT players and take the advantage of Sulava’s superior training services.

You will receive an invitation to Sulava’s Advisory Teams where Sulava’s experts share selected breaking news and interesting new ways to use Microsoft cloud products and also invitations to Sulava Networking events.

Our training services contain a wide range of trainings about Microsoft technologies. We offer both public and customer specific trainings.

Automated services

Save your IT experts’ time and have your IT environment management automated exactly where needed e.g. monitoring license management.

This service is customized based on your needs.

Added Value services

We have a wide range of options that add value to your advisor services that can be added with fixed prices.

They cover topics like security, change management, environment monitoring, governance model or champions network.

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Sulava Trusted Advisor as a continuous support of Helsinki University Hospital

At Helsinki University Hospitals, the idea of Sulava’s Trusted Advisor service is to look at the big picture right down to the small details. The consultant constantly analyzes the environment investigating to find a faster and better services for end users.

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